Track Record

Established in 1982, Business Creation has over 30 years of experience in restructuring and redevelopment in a broad range of industry sectors. Over the years we have achieved:

  • Over 120 complex divestments and restructuring projects in Europe and the US
  • Between 30 and 50% savings on closure and restructuring budgets
  • Over 120,000 jobs safeguarded and created
  • Over 6 million square meters of real estate developed
  • Realised an IRR>53%/year for our investors
  • Flexible services ranging from general support to the realisation of take-overs
  • Limited negative impact for work force and local communities

Though we focus on defining and delivering fully integrated solutions – encompassing real estate, technology and people – the solution in question will usually have an emphasis on one of the three. The cases set out below are examples of our work and illustrate the diversity and complexity of the projects we undertake.

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Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.