Companies that encounter non-performance within their organisation will benefit from Business Creation’s strong experience and relevant expertise. As soon as the company or its investor has observed the signs of financial downturn, it can turn to our experts, who will become directly involved.

Quick scan
Shortly after we have called in, we start with an intensive, on-location analysis of the situation. Normally we can identify the extent and depth of the problem within a few days. If necessary, we will report back to our client and other stakeholders in concise, clearly formulated recommendations.


If this is feasible we will immediately start on the implementation of our advice. The implementation will be executed by experienced restructuring and business improvement experts who have a transparent, hands-on approach. As part of the implementation, we offer the option of a regular sparring session in which we review the figures and progress.

The products offered by Business Creation include:

  • Quick Scan
  • 100-Day Recovery Plan

Normally based on a quick scan, the team of Business Creation comes up with a detailed plan of action for the company to recover profitability.

  • Working Capital Scan
  • Business Process Redesign

In case the proposed measures are far stronger and more far-reaching, we will implement a business process redesign project. This will focus on an organisation improvement program affecting all parts of the organisation.

  • Restructuring Management

A crucial component of a restructuring programme is which agreements are made with employees and unions. Business Creation has the experience and the knowledge required to lead organisations through these difficult times. The related projects include: definition redundancy programme, negotiations with work councils and unions and implementation Job Creation programmes.

Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.