Each organisation has its own lifecycle and will eventually encounter a downturn period, possibly as a result of a macro-economic recession. Individual reasons can include outdated technology, overcapacity in the market or company, or a cost structure that does not fit the top line.

The consequences are far-reaching: employee lay-offs, vacant undervalued real estate and the destruction of production assets. In addition, these processes cost the management a lot of time and often management has no experience with restructuring.

Business Creation has been exploring and defining viable alternatives to the closure of non-core business units and manufacturing facilities throughout Europe since 1982. As soon as the preliminary decision to divest or close a site has been made, we help our clients to develop the best alternative in terms of costs and employee interests. Our services include:

  • Restructuring Assessment: we help management to make the right choices within each restructuring decision
  • Restructuring Management: support throughout the entire closure process, from the draft redundancy programme to negotiations with stakeholders
  • Job Creation: we support employees in their transition from job to job
  • Redevelopment: redevelopment of new business activities on the basis of the existing infrastructure

The solutions developed by Business Creation result in a unique three-fold gain for the stakeholders involved in a specific divestment project.

The initial benefit is for the client and the employer – which realises significant savings on its closure budget and at the same time fulfills its corporate responsibility commitments (i.e. protects – and even enhances – its reputation.

Secondly, the employees of the affected division or site benefit from the various employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that come out of the redevelopment process.

And finally, local development institutions benefit from sustained economic balance in the area, both with regard to employment levels and real estate occupancy levels.

Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.