Case 1
A small village in northern Spain was shocked by the closure of the local traction motor plant, which resulted in the loss of 150 jobs. The location was so remote that it seemed unlikely that the village would be able to attract new investors. Following extensive market and company research, Business Creation acquired the plant from the parent company, re-equipped the entire production department to specialise in the manufacture of wind turbines, and sourced and developed a number of key customers. In addition, the redevelopment team identified sufficient customers to continue the plant’s traction activities. As a result, all 150 people were re-employed and, two years later, the company was sold to a large Spanish wind energy corporation.

Case 2
In a close collaboration between the client and Business Creation, a multi-user industrial park was established at a strategic location in Belgium. Besides offering office, warehouse and production space, this new industrial park, which is based on the former consumer electronics design and manufacturing centre, offers a highly qualified work force and full site service facilities.

The redevelopment project was kicked off by identifying the redevelopment potential, followed by the marketing of the site and the redundant employees, scanning for interested parties and finally developing and implementing new business initiatives at the Business Park.

The inward investment programme in combination with the outplacement and job search programme has resulted in several new business activities on location, generating employment for 1000 employees.

Case 3
To counteract the closure of a monitor tube factory in Austria, Business Creation successfully designed and executed a real estate redevelopment programme. Within this programme, the objective was accomplished by attracting inward investors to the site and by redeveloping the real estate. An industrial park was established and substantial savings were realised. After one year, the occupancy level was up to 25% and circa 100 new jobs had been created.

Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.