Business Creation has adopted a three-step approach for most of its projects:

  1. Options definition: we take a brief period to analyse the situation and develop a definition for our solution
  2. Planning: after the definition of the proposed solution we make a detailed planning as well as preparations for its implementation
  3. Execute: the most important part is the implementation of the plan and execution of all actions

The three-step approach is specified in detail for each activity. Business Creation not only designs solutions but also takes responsibility for their execution via a hands-on, entrepreneurial approach and co-investment.

Redevelopment approach

  1. Solution Definition: within the space of a few weeks, we analyse the options for an alternative scenario to closure. In this quick scan, we analyse the status of the work force, technology, property and regional dynamics to assess possibilities and formulate a working hypothesis for solutions. Normally this procedure takes 2-6 weeks.
  2. Solution Road Map: if our proposed alternative meets our client’s requirements, we start designing a business plan for its implementation. In this stage we set out our plans for the redundant site. Possible solutions include, for example, setting up a new company based on the existing technology and skills of the employees, implementing a Job Creation programme, redeveloping the property. Normally this procedure takes 4-8 weeks. The ultimate solution can be an acquisition, with the total risk being borne by the buyer, or a management project, with the client still retaining ownership.
  3. Redevelopment Implementation: after approval of our plans we start redeveloping the site. Business Creation together with its partners will work on location on the implementation of the business plan. A 100-day implementation plan will be executed, within which period the most important parameters need to be achieved. An average redevelopment project takes between 0.5 and 3 years.

Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.