Change is hard, but tearing something down to be able to create something new is nigh impossible. The intensity shown by entrepreneurs when they create something is rarely available when they need to change or demolish that same structure, so that the vacated property can be used for something new.

Demolishing something also means creating something. For every door that closes, a new door opens. Still it remains necessary to look without sentimentality and with intensity and commitment at threats and issues in a company. And to solve them. In the interest of all stakeholders. That is what our company has excelled in for many years. In the interest of a secure or better future for all stakeholders.

Business Creation has closed doors shut, opened new ones and found holes in the hedge. We only leave when there’s a clear path leading toward the horizon before us and toward the flag fluttering on that horizon.

If your market, organization or company is changing, a business unit is going through tough times or no longer has a future to speak of, if you have a problem – strategic or financial – if there’s urgency, but not the desired detachment and extra hands, if you don’t know how to shape the future or what to do tomorrow to accomplish the future you envision, for nearly thirty years, Business Creation has been the ‘Go-To Team’.

Our aim is that all stakeholders in the process of redevelopment will benefit from our solutions.